Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tuck Myself Away

  Life has bit a bit chaotic for us the past few weeks. No need for details, but it's definitely been exhausting. And as I was laying in bed last night I remembered something from when I was a little girl. When I was younger I used to ask my parents if I could stay up late with them and watch TV. Usually the response was no, but every once in a while if i gave a good enough sad face to my Dad I could get away with it. This was back in the day before there was DVR and before everyone had huge flat screen TV's. I would crawl in my parents bed and lay in between them and snuggle as they watched some show on their 15" TV. Now, the specific memory I am talking about was when they would watch "X-Files". I was so scared of the show. (In their defense, they never let me watch TV, I was supposed to be sleeping but sometimes I would peek.) I can remember hearing the intro music and turning into my Dads arm and tucking my face under it to make sure I wouldn't see anything. Being there with my Daddy covering me, made me feel like no bad thing could ever harm me.
  So back to last night... I am laying in bed remembering all this, and thinking of all the things going on in our life that made me feel overwhelmed. So I rolled over and tucked my head under Daniels arm. And to my surprise, it felt just the same. I felt safe, secure, calm, loved, and protected. All the things I remember feeling when I was a little girl who was scared to watch an Alien show. As my mind started to slow down and I felt myself drift off to sleep I realized something. I am sure it is obvious to some of you, but it felt so good when I realized it. That no matter how I am feeling or what God is letting come my way, at the end of the night I can always tuck my head under his arm and rest. He will never leave me or forsake me.(Heb 13:5)
  I fell asleep last night feeling so calm. The worry and the stress had left my heart. Now I can't say that I felt the same way all day today, but what I can say is that remembering that I can tuck myself under Gods arm does help to calm my anxiety about life. So, thanks God for always letting my hide away from the "Aliens" in my life.

Grace and Peace

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Benji said...

Wow Sam! That was awesome. Great truth and well written

Anonymous said...

How amazing that our Heavenly Father can give us, at the times we need it, that feeling of peace. Your illustration of God's protection is wonderful! Now, about your parents letting you watch an alien show......;)

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