Thursday, July 29, 2010

Crutching around.


   Last Sunday during our first Young Adults event at the water park I slipped and hurt my foot really bad. I was chasing after Ava and there was a huge puddle that I slipped in. My right foot went straight out and my left leg went under me and I landed on my foot. Ouchy! I brushed it off and waddled back teary eyed to our picnic tables. Once things wrapped up and people started leaving I realized just how badly I had hurt myself. I could barely make it to the car the pain was so bad. As soon as we started driving the tears started flowing. Looking back on it, i think the walk to the car just made it worse. When we got to the house I could barely make it up the stairs. Everything hurt. Even when I was sitting still it was shooting pain. After a while the pain was unbearable, so I had Daniel take me to the ER. After x-rays and painful stretching of my foot the Doc said it was just a pad sprain.
  I left feeling like such an Idiot. I couldn't believe I went to the ER for a sprain. It hurt so bad, that I was sure it had to be broken. I felt like I must have just over exaggerated the pain, and that made me feel like an even bigger Idiot. Over the next three days it still hurt so bad that I couldn't walk on it. So I was on crutches, (Which really suck!). I didn't want anyone to see me or know that I was on crutches, because I was embarrassed. I was embarrassed that it was only a sprain and I was on crutches. So i stopped using my crutches before I should have and may have hurt myself worse because I didn't let it heal how it needed too.
   But then I realized.... Here comes the Jesus tie in.... That the trials in our lives are all on different levels. Someone might stumble and sprain something and someone else might fall and break something. But who am I too judge them on how bad it truly hurts. Who I am to say that a break is worse then a sprain? God puts us all through totally different things that effect us all differently. So there are two points here. One- If it hurts, it hurts. Don't sell yourself short, and give it time to heal. Two- Don't judge anyone elses hurt. You have no idea how crippling It may be for them. Instead, help them when they are hurting.

Grace and Peace

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Anonymous said...

Hope you heal fast so you can keep up with Ava!


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