Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Sunday I Need

There is something so magical about early summer mornings. The benefit to your daughters getting up at 5am, is that you get to watch the sunrise and sit outside in the crisp summer air. This morning is especially sweet... Ava and Olive are switching between snuggling with each other and playing in the back yard, Owen is sweetly sleeping in his bassinet and every so often he lets out a deep breath that reassures me he is happy, and I am enjoying the company of my most special Husband. I sat and watched as Daniel and our daughters ran through the yard smiling and laughing. Olive would occasionally yell out, "Runnin! Runnin! Runnin!" with a smile on her face. The sound track to our morning has been a mixture of old John Mayer, Bon Iver, and City and Colour. Here is my favorite (or watch & listen here in case the embed below doesn't work):

Coffee with my Beloved. Joy filled laughter with my daughters. Sweet sounds of a newborn baby. Good music.

I would call this morning a success. And it's only 8am. Happy Sunday to you! I pray God gives you the Sunday you need.

Grace & Peace

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