Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day - And Unfair Expectations

 Oh Valentines Day. How I love thee! It's another reason for presents, date nights, and chocolate. I think there should be a Valentines Day once a month! (wink, wink) Let me just say that this year was exceptional. And not because it was the biggest celebration with the most expensive gift. It was the one filled with the most love.
                        Feeling nauseous from the lovie dovie? Just wait... There's more!
   Daniel has been at a conference for his job for the past few days, and in planning for Valentines day a few weeks ago we decided to just move the celebration to this up coming Saturday. We also decided not to get each other anything because we want to spend all our extra money finishing our backyard. So when we woke up yesterday and my sweet Hubs handed me not one, but THREE cards I was pleasantly surprised. He had gotten a card for each of the girls to give me and one from Him. Cute head. After he left for the conference I was in the Valentine mood and I decided to have Ava make some Valentines Day decorations that we could put up and have until Saturday. So my darling Ava Zsofia spent the morning gluing hearts and coloring Valentines. While we were making our cards for Daniel I thought it would be fun to make a scavenger hunt for him to go on when he got home. But you can't go on a scavenger hunt unless there is treasure at the end, right? So we bought him a present. Oops, we broke the "no gift" rule. Oh well! We got him a gift certificate to a Luthier. (A luthier is someone who works on and repairs guitars) Daniel had his electric repaired by this same guy and loved how it turned out, and his Taylor needs some love! Then I realized you can't go on a scavenger hunt and not have a tasty dinner afterward. So I decided to make filet mignon with Bearnaise sauce and mushroom risotto. Yum! To my surprise Daniel came home early! Woo Woo! He loved his scavenger hunt, he loved his present, and he loved dinner! I kept telling him not to feel bad about not getting me anything because I broke the rules and got him something when we weren't going to. But he didn't seemed bummed about it at all, which kinda bummed me out. Reverse wife mind games! Even though I told him not to worry, I did want him to feel a little bad..... I'm so lame.
  Then Daniel said he had a little something for Ava, and he pulled out a box of chocolates from See's candies! "What?! That's my favorite! Where's mine!" I am such a loser face. He smiled and went and grabbed an even larger box and handed it to me. See, 3 years ago on Valentines Day Daniel got me a box of See's chocolates that he picked out. Every truffle was different and I loved it! Ever since then I continually reminded him about how awesome that was, In hopes that he would get me more! Well he did, because he loves me.
  As we were falling asleep last night I realized how super lame I was for being upset that Daniel didn't feel bad about not breaking the rules and getting me a present. When in actuality, he did..So lame. My poor husband! It is not fair for me to have expectations of Daniel that contradict what I tell him. "No, you finish that last piece of cake" when really, I want him to give it to me. Believe me, he is gonna eat that cake and not think twice! Because that's what I said, and he isn't a mind reader! This is like wife 101 here, you think I would have caught on sooner! I need to work on this nasty little habit and tell Daniel what I want and not expect him to read my mind. I am so blessed to have such an awesome husband who get me chocolates even when I didn't ask for them! Love ya dude!
    I hope you had a great Valentines day! How did you celebrate? Am I the only one who sets up emotional mind traps for her husband???

Grace & Peace

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Lisa said...

Lol, after 32 years there are still mind games that I play. Like the other night when instead of just calling my husband in the room (I was mad at him for not reading my mind earlier) that by turning up the volume on the TV he would hear it and come in the room. Double mind game, which didn't work and only made me more angry. After working myself up into a "why the heck after 32 years can't he figure out what I am thinking!" fit, I realized how stupid and petty I was and prayed to God that He would once again smack me upside the head and forgive me. God, not my husband; However, I also needed to ask the same of him, which he did and I thank God everyday that this man still loves me.

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