Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seek Him Out

  Last Friday we got our first pet! A kitten that we named Macska. It is the Hungarian word for cat... Creative, I know. He was 7 weeks old and full of energy. He and Ava were infatuated with each other, following one another around. But as they days went on and her became more comfortable, he started attacking Ava's legs as she would walk around. Then, in retaliation, Ava would pick him up by whatever limb she could find. Needless to say, the once love shared turned into a hostile relationship.
  Inevitably we decided for the sake of the kitten and Ava, that we needed to find him a new home. Which was much easier then I thought it was going to be. Today is the first day without the little terror running rampant but I must say, I miss him. Even though his favorite game was attacking feet, he was still very cute and lovable. I got attached to the little guy. It made me think about how easily we can get emotionally attached to things. And how easily God gets attached to you.
  God is obviously already attached to us... He created us. But as we continue to spend time with Him I feel like His love and attachment must continue growing. But on the other hand, what does He feel when we blatantly walk away from Him. When we try to detach ourselves from our creator. If I am this sad about letting go of a cat I had for 5 days, I can't imagine the deep sorrow God must feel when we walk away from Him.
  So today instead of just going about my usual business and knowing in the back of my mind God is there, I am going to seek Him out. Let Him know how attached I am to Him.

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