Monday, June 21, 2010

All the joy that one soul can handle.

  My life seems to get more hectic every day. With the recent addition of a kitten, it seems nearly impossible to get ordinarily simple things completed. I have had a load of laundry in my washing machine for the past 12 hours... I should probably tend to that, shouldn't I?
  And even though life seems to be a little out of hand, I still find myself wanting more. How is that possible you ask? Well, I'm not sure even I know the answer to that. I know some things are not important. Like when I look around at the peripheral people in my life, those are the people you know and are Facebook friends with but never talk to, I find myself wishing that I had the things they had. Or did the things that they do. Even though they are meaningless to most of the world, I still find myself wishing I could have what they have.
  Then there are the true desires of my heart. The things I lay awake at night wishing and praying for. Some of them are great things that could help people, some are just silly self pleasing dreams I carry around in my head. I am now finding myself plagued with those dreams all the time. It is no longer a late night thought, but a daily desire to be more, see more, and achieve more. As I walk out what these dreams are and how to make them into a potential reality, I am thinking more and more about the verse in Phillipians 4 that talks about being content in all things...
   So am i being content? Am I happy with where I am and thankful for what I have.. Or am I just selfishly longing for things that could bring more money or fame? I think They balance is still pursing the dreams that God has placed inside of you, without placing all your self worth in them. Still be thankful for what you have, but continue to live a life striving for more. Never be lackluster. Pursue the greatness that God has put inside you and do that with the comfort and joy of knowing that no matter what comes of it, you have already won. You already have all that you could ever need. All the joy that one soul can handle. Because you will know how to find it in the smallest things.

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